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It’s your Choice! Full Accidental Damage cover or the more affordable Limited Benefits cover, both underwritten by CGU Insurance.

A simple and affordable insurance plan covering transit risks such as collision, overturning and jack-knifing of your main vehicle. This Australia wide cover includes fire, flood, explosion or lightning strike, theft upon forcible and violent entry into locked vehicles, trailer and/or premises. This coverage continues at your home or workshop where your race car may be housed and includes fire, explosion, earthquake, storm and tempest, rain water including hail damage, theft upon forcible and violent entry into a locked premises and malicious damage.

Cover includes everything in Option 1 plus accidental damage. For example, if you turn up at the race track, undo the trailer doors and the drum of fuel has moved and considerable damage is done to your vehicle.  You have not had an accident, you have not jack-knifed but your car is trashed. Unlike a lot of so-called ultimate schemes or plans marketed in Australia, this damage would be covered. Cover for your tools, spare parts, driving suit, crew uniforms, merchandise and any other items associated with your racing activities can also be covered, as long as the sum insured is selected.

How to get cover

Download the relevant quote, complete and fax to us or call 1800 650 077 and ask for a form to be faxed.  We’ll quote you on both cover options; you choose the one you want. Pay by credit card over the phone… and you’re covered – no worries.

Special Note:
There is no cover available for the vehicle whilst engaged in any racing or testing activities. Cover is excluded from when you leave your pit to move to and enter the staging lanes and/or race track.  This exclusion applies to both options.

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